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At the Community Development Company of Nesting (CDCN), we are committed to promoting fairness, inclusivity, and employee well-being in our workplace. We align ourselves with the principles outlined in the Scottish Government's Fair Work First policy.

Our commitment to fair work includes:

Open Communication: We encourage open dialogue and provide channels for all employees to express their thoughts and ideas. Collaboration is key, and we actively engage with our workforce through regular meetings and feedback mechanisms.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Recognising the diverse needs of our team, we offer flexible and family-friendly working options. We support remote work, enabling employees to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.

Equal Opportunity: CDCN is dedicated to a fair and transparent recruitment process, with all job opportunities advertised internally. We invest in continuous staff development, aligning training with organisational goals and individual growth.

Financial Security: As advocates for fair work, we are proud to pay the Real Living Wage. CDCN does not employ zero-hours contracts and firmly opposes fire and rehire practices. Our aim is to provide job security and financial stability to our employees.

Respectful Workplace: We believe in treating every member of the CDCN team with respect and dignity. Our commitment to a respectful workplace means creating an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, or victimisation. We expect every employee to uphold these values.

CDCN stands firmly behind these fair work principles, recognising that they not only benefit our team but also contribute to the betterment of our community.