As you can see in the photos below, we have a good range of equipment! It's all quality stuff—we know you'll like it.

  • a power rack with a weight stack and pulley system

  • two high quality incline / decline benches, one of which will have a leg exercising attachment

  • three 7ft Olympic barbells, one of them is a Texas Powerbar

  • a 6ft Olympic barbell

  • a 5ft Olympic barbell

  • an EZ bar

  • a trap bar

  • 315kg of new rubber coated tri-grip plates: 4 - 25kg, 4 - 20kg, 4 - 15kg, 4 - 10kg, 4 - 5kg, 4 - 2.5kg and 4 - 1.25kg

  • we also have a good quantity of used plates in good condition, including 4 at 25kg and two at 20kg

  • a selection of dumbbells from 1kg to 10kg in 1kg increments, and from 2.5kg to 30kg in 2.5kg increments.

  • two Concept 2 rowing machines

  • a Life Fitness heavy duty treadmill

  • a Life Fitness heavy duty cross-trainer

  • an exercise bike

The gym has an adjoining toilet with shower, plus a cloakroom area in the entrance hallway.

SAD Lights

Also available will be two Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) mobile lights; these are quality units, that may assist in combating the effects of the long dark Shetland winter; they will be free to use by anyone in the gym.

Open 24 Hours

Access to the gym will utilises a key-fob type system monitored by cameras. Hour long sessions can be booked on this page. Sessions can be booked at any time of the day or night.

Changing/Cancelling an existing booking

For instructions on how to alter or cancel an existing booking please click here.


Please Contact us to book an induction.