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CDCN is always looking for people to contribute to its team in any way that people feel that they could. This could be volunteering in the Scrap-store for an hour or two, or joining a specific project group that you may have an interest in—such as the development of childcare in the Nesting area. All contributions of volunteer time are greatly valued and really help to move forward the key objectives in the business plan. Please contact our development officer, at

If you would like to become a member of the group, then you can join CDCN as a regular member if you live in the Nesting, Girlsta and Wadbister area or, if you live outside that area, you can still join as an associate member.

If you wish to do so please complete the appropriate form for Associate Membership or Full Membership, either by emailingthe electronic copy to us or by printing and posting to CDCN, Aald Skül, Vassa, South Nesting, ZE2 9PP.

For further guidance on CDCN’s membership and director structure please refer to CDCN’s Articles of Association.