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CDCN has many upcoming projects and plans for improving and developing the local community.

CDCN’s past canvassing of the local population discovered a demand for the provision of childcare and workshop space. We are now engaged in a detailed investigation of these ideas, and the preparation of business plans to prove their viability. On the next pages you can read more detail about the Childcare and Workshop projects.

We’re also exploring catering for the needs of other groups in a new building, for example: the Shetland Archery Club is interested in having a better indoor shooting range.

If you’re interested in possibly making use of space in this building then please contact Ellis Keith, our development officer, at developmentofficer@aaldskul.co.uk or write to: CDCN, Aald Skül, Vassa, South Nesting, ZE29PP. We’re interested in hearing about any ideas — even highly unusual ones!

(Architects sketches to come shortly)

Upcoming Projects