Proposed developments at the Aald Skül

Due to the remarkable success of the Nesting Scrap-store, CDCN has decided to pursue the creation of a new building to provide a bigger better Scrap-store. Part of the new building will be a dedicated workshop space. There will also be allotments and Polycrubs nearer to the loch.

Every year the Nesting Scrap-store has greatly increased its business, especially in the later half of 2020 when it really did incredibly well. The Scrap-store also gained more volunteers in 2020, who are the dedicated team responsible for improving the shop and helping attract all the extra trade. Because of this accelerating pattern of growth, CDCN feels that the Scrap-store business merits substantial investment to overcome the constraints of the space available and provide a much better facility. A detailed feasibility study has been done by our architect; this describes the thought process that led to the design decisions, and lays out options available at different price levels. Please see these visuals of our preferred option of how the site will look:

If enough funding cannot be sourced to create that building, then a smaller or more economical building could be made, or a more phased approach could be undertaken involving two buildings.

In accordance with the findings of CDCN's original community survey, CDCN will pursue the provision of allotments and Polycrubs for community use; these are shown on the sketches above.

Upcoming Projects