Community Foodbank

CDCN has opened a Community Foodbank for residents of Nesting, Girlsta and Wadbister.

The scheme is being run in collaboration with the Lerwick-based Shetland Foodbank.

There are donation points in the Nesting shop (Skellister Stores) and the South Nesting Public Hall for people to drop off food and other items such as toiletries.

One of the main reasons for introducing the foodbank was feedback from community members, through questionnaires and anecdotally, that the increased cost of living meant some people are cutting back on household costs like food, fuel and energy.

This is in addition to prior research which indicated that the cost of living in Nesting, Girlsta and Wadbister is higher than the Shetland average, with income slightly lower than the Shetland average.

To access the foodbank people can contact the development group confidentially at or by phoning 01595 890 770.

From there, CDCN will arrange to deliver food parcels to the person’s home directly if required.

CDCN has also partnered with Citizens Advice Bureau to provide free 'Energy Packs', with each pack including:

  • Draught excluder
  • Hot water bottle
  • Disposable dehumidifier
  • LED lightbulb
  • Hand / feet warmers
  • Torch
  • Selection of energy advice leaflets
  • Welfare benefit check form with free post envelope

Foodbank Trays and CAB Energy Packs of CDCN's office, Aald Skül, South Nesting.

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