Our Friends

Below are contact details for the various groups, clubs, businesses and self-catering accommodation found in the Nesting and Girlsta area.

If we've missed you off this list then please let us know.

South Nesting Public Hall and Caravan Park

North Nesting Public Hall — Phone Fiona on 01595 890 310

Nesting Primary School

Nesting Local History Group

Nesting & Girlsta Up-Helly-Aa Committee — Phone Ryan on: 07776048459

Nesting & Girlsta Up-Helly-Aa Programme — please email: nguha.prog@gmail.com if you wish to advertise in the next programme.

Nesting Rowing Club — Email: Nestingrowingclub@hotmail.com

South Nesting Boating Club — Email: bobbymcleod@btinternet.com

Nesting Methodist Chapel — Phone the Rev. Dr. Andrew Fox on 01595 692 874, or email: revdocfox@gmail.com

SWI (Shetland Woman's Institute, previously SWRI) — Email Eva at: evaganson@gmail.com

Community Council — Email Eva at: evaganson@gmail.com

Pool Team — Email Euan at: esmith87561@outlook.com


Youth Club — Phone Diane Bradley on 01595 890 380, or Alison Foyle on 01595 890 213

Shetland Canoe Club

Skellister Stores — shop and post office

T. P. Gifford — Plant, Haulage and Garage Services Ltd

Thomas Leslie — Building Contractor. Phone 01595 890 261, email: thomasleslie@tiscali.co.uk

Richard Shucksmith — Photo Tours

Ivan Hawick — Photography

K Hughson Repairs — Car Body Repairs. Phone: 01595 840 817

A H Services — Excavation & Groundwork Contractor. Phone: 07765697344

Avyanna — Beauty Salon. Phone: 07401578157

Maranatha — Guest Accommodation, South Nesting.

Soeblink — Self Catering, South Nesting.

Cheyne House — Self Catering, Girlsta. Email: cheynehouse@yahoo.com

Princess Adventure Company

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